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Welcome to MFC Puerto Vallarta

Welcome to MFCsurrogacy Facility in Puerto Vallarta. We are a corporate branch of CEFAM that is Mexico’s largest fertility group in Mexico and in Dominican Republic. We are the only Agency and Fertility Clinic Group in Mexico with its own surrogacy program.

As one of only two destinations in the word to allow all hetero couples, same-sex couples, and singles, Mexico has quickly become the new destination for affordable surrogacy, and MFCsurrogacy has taken the lead in assisting intended parents in their dreams. We have assisted couples, singles, and same-sex couple from many parts of the world including North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

As one of Mexico and the world’s premier resort destinations, Puerto Vallarta is now becoming known for its high quality surrogacy program. Just a short flight away from most North American cities, and with direct flights and packages from the UK and other countries in Europe, Puerto Vallarta is a safe, world-class resort destination.

We work with our main Clinic in Mexico City to create a seamless process for the intended parent(s). No other group in Mexico has this level of communication and coordination, and it is this communication and coordination, that results in our high pregnancy rates.