WHAT IS MFC Surrogacy?

We are an agency dedicated to the study of couples with infertility problems, with years of experience in assisted reproduction treatments, with experienced doctors and a clinic with prestige, supported by institutions at the international level, with facilities of first line, cutting-edge technology and a personalized service with high standards of quality and warmth.

We are experts in fertility

We know that infertility is a problem that occurs in 15-20% of couples and we also know that in 85% of cases it`s causes that can be diagnosed with the proper study of the couple and thus applying the treatment best suited to give solution; so it is necessary to have teams of the most high-tech, as well as personnel trained in different areas of work. Under this tenor have given us the task of positioning ourselves as one of the best centers of reproduction at the national level implementing techniques and procedures of the more highly specialized such as: IVF, egg donation, embryo vitrification, egg vitrification, Artificial insemination, diagnostic genetic preimplantation among others.

It is important to note that each of the causes that alter the reproductive process has a specific treatment, which many chances are limited to the prescription of certain drugs, or simple surgical procedures. When problems are not solved by the above mentioned ways are used assisted reproduction.

Assisted reproduction is the set of procedures where the eggs or sperm are treated to improve their fertilizing capacity and the embryos obtained, cultivated to improve their capacity for implementation.

Every person is treated individually by several doctors in different areas that offer their points of view to solve every problem. However is a fertility specialist who is aware and takes the decisions in patients.

Each of our professionals has an area of specialization and has received training in clinics and specialty centers of national and international renown.

We understand you

Concerned about the effect psychological infertility coupled with techniques of assisted reproduction have view the need to offer emotional support to the couple before and during treatments. In response to this need, we are the first clinic that develops emotional accompaniment sessions led by personal high mind specializing in joint our couples’s therapy.

Also at MFC Surrogacy, we understand that this type of treatment generates economic instability in the couple, so we offer different payment choices and attractive financing rates and affordable terms plans making offer an additional service thinking of the well-being of our patients.