European Gold Program

3 IVF+ 6 Embryo transfers + National Egg donor

Stage 1 – Due At Signing

  • Surrogate selection fee
  • Surrogate mother initial medical exams
  • Surrogate mother medication for preparation
  • Surrogacy contract and legal fees
  • National Egg donor
  • 3 IVF including ICSI
  • 6 embryo transfers
  • Stimulation medication
  • Surrogate mother transportation
  • Support medication after embryo transfer for surrogate
  • 1 year semen and embryo storage
  • Pregnancy test

Stage 2 – Due At Pregnancy

Divided in 3 payments on week 8, 12 and 16 of pregnancy.

  • Medication during pregnancy
  • Regular medical visits and tests during pregnancy
  • Psychologist visits for surrogate during pregnancy
  • Surrogate compensation
  • Surrogate transportation budget

Stage 3 – Due At Week 25

  • Birth fee at private hospital
  • Surrogate compensation at birth
  • Assistance with birth certificate

On twin Pregnancy there is an extra payment because of: Extra SM compensation and Extra Birth Fee.

Not included is the cost of travel and hotels for intended parents during their stay in Mexico. In addition, the cost of extraordinary medical care that may be needed by both the gestational substitute mother during pregnancy and the baby after childbirth is not included.


Those services are not included in the program cost and they are performed upon
client request:

Freezing of Semen Sample (Storage for 1 Year)
Cryopreservation Of Embryos and Storage (1 Year)
PGS Testing 23 Chromosome (Gender Selection, DNA Mitochondrial)
Multi-Gene Study: Fragile X, Cystic Fibrosis
Paternity DNA Test
Frozen Embryo Transfer
International Sperm Bank
International Egg Donor
National Egg Donor
IVF Cycle Including ICSI and Medication
Egg Splitting (Fertilization By Two Semen Samples)
Carrier Map
Permit For Importation Of Embryos / Sperm and Customs Fees
Singleton Medical insurance coverage up to 15,000 for baby and mother expenses at birth
Twin Medical insurance coverage up to 15,000 for baby and mother expenses at birth
Harmony Test (single)
Harmony Test (twin)