Surrogacy in mexico

Cross border program Los Angeles & San Diego

Announcing our Cross-Border program

Our latest program offers IVF procedures in Mexico with the prenatal care and birth in the United States. The combined program fully adheres to new restrictions on surrogacy in Mexico, provides the security of U.S. surrogacy laws, while also reducing the total cost of surrogacy to about half of typical American surrogacy programs.

The U.S. is the international gold standard for fertility treatments, including surrogacy. Unlike surrogacy in Mexico, the U.S. has explicit laws supporting surrogacy contracts. Birth certificates issued under surrogacy agreements automatically include the name of the Future Parents as the legal mother and father.

Laws in several U.S. states also permit commercial services that support surrogates and Future Parents. Children born via surrogacy agreements in the U.S. are entitled to American citizenship.

The best affordable option

Traditional surrogacy programs in the United States have cost more than $150,000 USD, but through partnerships with IVF clinics in Mexico, we can now offer a complete package for a fraction of that price. All-in-all, our program combining surrogacy in Mexico and the U.S. is about half the cost of traditional U.S. surrogacy programs.

Under the new program, clinical procedures including egg donation, endometrial stimulation, IVF and embryo transfer are performed at our clinic, in Mexico. The surrogate mother is under the watch of our excellent Mexican and U.S. obstetrician.
The delivery will take place in a U.S. hospital in Los Angeles or San Diego.

We take care of everything

Unlike typical U.S. style surrogacy programs, Future Parents do not need to supply their own surrogate, their own clinic or their own legal resources. Learning valuable lessons from our very successful surrogacy programs overseas, our cross-border program brings all these components together for a single price. The more efficient administration of the program further allows us to dramatically reduce costs.

Our corporate clinic in Mexico is home to assisted reproduction specialists that are national leaders in their field and among the most experienced in IVF and surrogacy in Mexico.

Do not lose hope

At Medical Fertility Center, specialists in gynecology and obstetrics, reproductive medicine, we strive to make a world where infertility is no longer an impossible barrier and today, despite the Covid 19 pandemic, we are still more committed than ever with our mission.

We face a challenging environment, so we have taken all necessary measures to minimize the potential impact on the health of our employees, customers and patients.
Our purpose is to continue helping to create families, that is why we prepare a special package for you!